Friday, December 29, 2006

Winston Travasso

Im Winston Travasso doing my Final year Bachelors
in Commerce from st. Xaviers College Mumbai. Single and 20.
I love to sing, play the guitar and
now I’ve started composing songs too.
I sing all types of songs and now
I’ve got into western classical.
For e.g. songs by Pavorotti, Il divo…I enjoy vocals the most.
I aspire to to become an Industrialist and a singer
and in a way contribute towards the growth of my countries economy.
I am very open and can communicate very well with anybody.
I love making friends who value its relationship.
I love my friends and can do anything for them if in my hands.
I love talking about Big Bucks and other financial matters.
I’m also a bit philosophical.

I’ve joined the Doers, there’s a very Big reason behind it.
We bunch of people wanna do something really Big for our Country,
Starting with our city and before that within ourselves.

And I have a very strong feeling where we shall have a company called:
The Doers Ltd. (actually unlimited, as we have to do so much more)
May be then we could give chance and help talented people like us
Who due to lack of exposure or finance or any other reason
Are not able to do what they are good at…

And lastly for the people who wanna do something really Big
And like to do put their talent to use can join the doers.
Share your ideas, give your views, may be even guide us or
Just give us your valuable suggestions.
And if u have already done something
that we could display on our blog,
then show it to us.

Feel free to contact me on:
09820 450159

Get Back to Doing ?


aarushi said...

gud goin Winstony!!

Ron said...

need to update ur status and profile!