Monday, June 18, 2007

Lendl D'Souza

If life rains on you - enjoy the waterfall

About Lendl:
Engineer by profession, Entrepreneur by ‘self-belief’
based in Auckland, New Zealand for 4 years

and now moved back to Mumbai (since Nov06)

not by compulsion, but by choice.


Music, Video Editing, playing the guitar

(what to do? I am bandra boy men!),

questioning life/religion and authority.

His role as a Doer:

remind Neil that he has a mirror image –

and what a fool he could look like if he wasn’t ‘alert’ enough!

Online sales/website for
Adding subliminal messages to the Sprite we drink.

DOne so far?
Online sales in NZ for (but not restricted to) Tantra on a NZ website called and also setup my own 'baby' !!

I love to rant! so.. and
(healthy rant haan? lotssa gyaan!)

say what you want about foreign lands...I love 'home' - and choose to be home!

His intentions for the Group:

’Do’ different and make a difference,
Running away, brooding, being monotonous is also doing
I want us to do – brave, different, un-selfish and impacting!

His Vision / Dream:
The way I see it – we all want to achieve, something in some way.
While everyone is focusing on coming first in the race down the hill,
I’d prefer being the first to climb up – I want to do something different no matter how small or reward-less the achievement/discovery.

You could contact him on: