Monday, June 18, 2007

Lendl D'Souza

If life rains on you - enjoy the waterfall

About Lendl:
Engineer by profession, Entrepreneur by ‘self-belief’
based in Auckland, New Zealand for 4 years

and now moved back to Mumbai (since Nov06)

not by compulsion, but by choice.


Music, Video Editing, playing the guitar

(what to do? I am bandra boy men!),

questioning life/religion and authority.

His role as a Doer:

remind Neil that he has a mirror image –

and what a fool he could look like if he wasn’t ‘alert’ enough!

Online sales/website for
Adding subliminal messages to the Sprite we drink.

DOne so far?
Online sales in NZ for (but not restricted to) Tantra on a NZ website called and also setup my own 'baby' !!

I love to rant! so.. and
(healthy rant haan? lotssa gyaan!)

say what you want about foreign lands...I love 'home' - and choose to be home!

His intentions for the Group:

’Do’ different and make a difference,
Running away, brooding, being monotonous is also doing
I want us to do – brave, different, un-selfish and impacting!

His Vision / Dream:
The way I see it – we all want to achieve, something in some way.
While everyone is focusing on coming first in the race down the hill,
I’d prefer being the first to climb up – I want to do something different no matter how small or reward-less the achievement/discovery.

You could contact him on:

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Anubha Bhat

welll.... m ANUBHA BHAT....
also known as ANU...
18, female,

BOMBAY, i prefer this to Mumbai…
I'm in F.Y.BSc intending to major in Computer Science.
I love computers and music (dont dance though!)…

i want to be a DOER because
i feel i can bring about a change in some way and
make this city a better place to live in!!
it also gives you an opportunity to put forth your ideas,
ur talent, ur imagination, ur creativity...
it also feels good to interact with like-minded people and
join in to do something BIG,
something DIFFERENT,
something GOOD!

You could mail me at:

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Aditi Paralkar

Mein kon hun .... mein kahan hun

I know....
I was named Aditi by my parents,
I am an Interior designer by profession,
I am geographically in U.K. .... as of now,

But I don't know ....
Who I am?
What am I supposed to do?
Where I really am in life?
What is the meaning to life?
Or if there really is a meaning to life....

I may not know what to do ....
I know what not to do....
Racism, being sexist, extremist over religion, discrimination, litter, judge, vandalism ....

What does that have to do with the doers?
Well in some way we all want to DO some things that we like
and don't want to do things we don't like
and all of us try to reach that place of Utopia some how.
Most of the time we dream about it, some of us talk about it,
then there are those doers, who 'DO' things around it.
It could be just in the smallest of ways, on a personal level,
treating others on merits of their deed and not achievements.
It could be on a larger scale by means of charity or managing to start a movement.
And that is what I am trying to do too.

I say lets just evolve in to better people.... together.

You can reach me on

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Namrata Patel

Namrata, a designer by profession and a dreamer by birth.
I have spent some past years exploring the textile medium
which fascinates me and triggers my dreams.
This is one transition phase in my life :
moving out of India, shifting base to a far off land called Portland.
My web base remains the same,
which is:
feel free to bounce your ideas.

After years of blabbering, finally came the doers.
Though I am still at the non-doer, non-blabber stage, my dreamer stage,
I love to be associated with the doers.
The art of combining dreams with doing makes life a celebration.
I am unsure as to which world of achievement the doers would reach,
but I am sure, it would make life a celebration
for all of us to cherish after death.

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