Friday, December 29, 2006

Rayomand Bacha

About me:
Ah this is a tough one to start with ok lets see...I am made up
of organic matter....hehehe

Presently I am studying in T.Y.B.Sc (Physics) at St. Xavier's

Photography, driving my car & also love to drive people crazy,
playing PC games & exercise.

Role as a doer:
To help our team i.e. to grow in number first & then to
achieve our main final goal.
(i need not spell it out, it wiLL happen gradually)read below

Be afraid, very afraid. My intentions are very bad, really bad.
Wanna know more? My Intentions are followed by my visions for
that u'll have to read below.

I believe in "doing" not in "talking". People only say that our
country is going to the dogs but does anyone bother to do a
little bit, no but they will still spit on the road, continuing
their same old ways. People will litter on the road, in the trains...
coz they think that it is right as long as their houses are clean.
But they do not realize that the rubbish outside can coz various
diseases. One will still try to get in the middle of a queue &
others will fight for it. Are we animals? & then we humans boast
saying that "we are the most rational beings". I believe that I
(one person) may not be able to do such a lot in a major way, but
many people can do little things that accounts to a lot and that
can make way for a better place to live in.
We as the doers can spread the word (can influence others)
to join in the good work.
If you ask me how much I am doing.
The answer is that i am doing just a little bit.
I know after reading all this you will feel that
my first sentence in the vision part is paradoxical.
So if you feel this all is rubbish then logout &
next time don’t complain about ur country.

For all those who consider the above matter rubbish,
please don’t take the trouble of mailing me at

Wilfred D'souza

I'm a Commerce Graduate also Inter C.A .and currently doing my Articleship.

Playing Cricket, Chess, Listening to Music,
Spending Time with Friends,

Vision for the Doers:
That we grow both in number and action.

My contribution to the group has been that of participation in
whatever activities the doers have decided to do.
I know I need to chip in with some ideas
but as Neil says,'Some people take their time',
so hopefully I'll come out with one at the right time.

The USP of the Doers is that they don't die wondering about,
' what ifwe had done' but actually execute an idea.
This is what I personally like about the Doers,
besides they are so much fun being around with.

9820 871995

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Winston Travasso

Im Winston Travasso doing my Final year Bachelors
in Commerce from st. Xaviers College Mumbai. Single and 20.
I love to sing, play the guitar and
now I’ve started composing songs too.
I sing all types of songs and now
I’ve got into western classical.
For e.g. songs by Pavorotti, Il divo…I enjoy vocals the most.
I aspire to to become an Industrialist and a singer
and in a way contribute towards the growth of my countries economy.
I am very open and can communicate very well with anybody.
I love making friends who value its relationship.
I love my friends and can do anything for them if in my hands.
I love talking about Big Bucks and other financial matters.
I’m also a bit philosophical.

I’ve joined the Doers, there’s a very Big reason behind it.
We bunch of people wanna do something really Big for our Country,
Starting with our city and before that within ourselves.

And I have a very strong feeling where we shall have a company called:
The Doers Ltd. (actually unlimited, as we have to do so much more)
May be then we could give chance and help talented people like us
Who due to lack of exposure or finance or any other reason
Are not able to do what they are good at…

And lastly for the people who wanna do something really Big
And like to do put their talent to use can join the doers.
Share your ideas, give your views, may be even guide us or
Just give us your valuable suggestions.
And if u have already done something
that we could display on our blog,
then show it to us.

Feel free to contact me on:
09820 450159

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Santiago Rebello

This is Santiago Rebello studying in Msc – part II from st. Xaviers College.
Single, 22 yrs, 5’8” and still have to do my Phd.

I like singing
Playing the guitar
Composing songs
Designing clothes
Excursions and Fieldtrips
Jammin Up
Meeting friends
Celebrating Birthdays

Role as a Doer:
I’m the supporting actor in this group.
I’m refered to as the Guardian Angel according to Daddyji.
I promote the work of the Doers
By meeting people and telling them all about us.
I spread the word via Orkut and other means.
Since im musically inclined
I use my talent in making new songs for the group.
Presently working on different topics such as:
Love, Friendship, Encouragement….
We have already composed 2 songs
Ones the Doers Anthem,
Which talks about how we came together and why.
And the other ones a New Birthday Song,
Coz we were tired of listening to the same old
Happy Birthday to you…
I also help the group by meeting up with dem
And talking, discussing and implementing (Doing)
All the ideas that come out.
We then try to sell our concepts / designs too.

Most people talk about different issues.
We do talk. But, are not satisfied by that
N thus go ahead and get it done.
I strongly Believe in DOING.
I personally am here to help neil and his dreams come true
i.e. to see the world (starting from where we are)
as a better place.
i.e. cut corruption
cut the dirt in our city
cut the anger and hatred
sow the seeds of Love, Peace, Goodness (Godliness)
and my Final Goal would be
To see the World as Heaven.

We have started and are working towards doing good,
Making a difference in a small way that we can as of now.
And thus we are searching for more young talents, designers,
Artists and other creative people to join us and share their views.
We love SMART things and are open to Ideas.

We see ourselves with common people tomorrow.
We wanna be their voice. (different issues)
We want to reach out to all the people who wanted to DO things
In their lives, who could not do it for some reason or other.
We want to help you begin, by telling you our stories
And how we, even after coming from different backgrounds
Are doing……….making that extra effort, at least trying…

It’s not about Money. It’s not about Fame.
That will come automatically if you do good.
Its about Doing and doing in whatever possible way.

For e.g. Doing could just be as simple as:
Making someones day!
Just imagine, if you do that everyday (not difficult)
You’d be making so many people happy.

Final Vision:
To see all Bombaykars and Indians as “DOERS”
(i.e. doin good!)

Personal Belief:
Everyone can be a Doer in different ways.
(without even joining us)
And as a Doer I say:
It’s not your Talents, Creativity or Strengths
But your AVAILABILITY to “do”

I say:
“Let go off the things that pull you down”
“Theres always a Bigger Picture”
“It’s all part of the Design by God”

So after you have read so much
Or if you did not understand what I’ve written DO
Contact me on this TOLL Free No. 9819 705219
Or send me mail on:


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Nityesh Dharampal

About Nityesh:

Presently working with a Design Firm
In Mumbai  
I have Done Away With Dobai
Still Doing  most of the Time
Undo is one of my favorite Options 
Cos its always gets u to do more and improvise
(do is an unregistered trademark of The Doers feel free to copy )

His role as a Doer:

is an important Word cos it gives u a gist of all That has ever been said and done
Including watever Neil has to say about his mission and role and intentions

Inshort i'm responsible most of the BLAH U find on this page and
the Other pages.So all ur comments and rotten eggs and tomatoes (which r soon to become my daily diet) are welcome.

However i dunno why but i wanna stand by Neil and help him in his cause .Maybe Its Because I need to protect him from Black Sheep  who way lead him into beleiving  that Neil is their twin  Separated at birth 

His intentions for the Group:

Once we have many Doers
I'll be the One painting smiles on each face I promise .

His Vision / Dream:

To help expand as a TEAM, ( Trust Everyone Above all Me)
DO things together for personal and well.... umm...... ya....... i causes.
To make a change gradually.( trust me that'll be the day when i can get Neil to restore his Hair)
Dreaming is My part of the Job.
Thus help Inspire to do.
To make it Known that do is an unregistered trademark of The Doers.
(By now u know)

You could contact him on:

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Neil Dantas

About Neil:
QUIT my Job due to a loTTa reasons every young designers faces.
Was working for Rubberband, a stationery Brand since it initiated in 2005,
where i designed & developed notebOOks & other smart products for them:
Graduated from JJs Bombay
(Interior Design)
Post Graduated from NID Ahmedabad
(Industrial Design - furniture design)

His role as a Doer:
To search for creative talent all over India.
Who believe that they want to “DO” more with their creativity.
To showcase works via the net and other means.
Thus interacting with people
who share the similar interests,
Who could interact, cooperate,
suggest, promote, sponsor
Or be a part of the group.

His intentions for the Group:
Once we have many doers we could collaboratively
Work on how we make our goal achievable.

His Vision / Dream:
To expand as a TEAM,
DO things together for personal / social causes.
To make a change (in whatever possible way) gradually.
Believes in starting somewhere rather than just dreaming.
Thus believing in the funda of DOING.
Thus calling ourselves “The Doers”

You could contact him on:
9833 426 888

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