Friday, December 29, 2006

Wilfred D'souza

I'm a Commerce Graduate also Inter C.A .and currently doing my Articleship.

Playing Cricket, Chess, Listening to Music,
Spending Time with Friends,

Vision for the Doers:
That we grow both in number and action.

My contribution to the group has been that of participation in
whatever activities the doers have decided to do.
I know I need to chip in with some ideas
but as Neil says,'Some people take their time',
so hopefully I'll come out with one at the right time.

The USP of the Doers is that they don't die wondering about,
' what ifwe had done' but actually execute an idea.
This is what I personally like about the Doers,
besides they are so much fun being around with.

9820 871995

Get Back to Doing ?

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