Friday, December 29, 2006

Rayomand Bacha

About me:
Ah this is a tough one to start with ok lets see...I am made up
of organic matter....hehehe

Presently I am studying in T.Y.B.Sc (Physics) at St. Xavier's

Photography, driving my car & also love to drive people crazy,
playing PC games & exercise.

Role as a doer:
To help our team i.e. to grow in number first & then to
achieve our main final goal.
(i need not spell it out, it wiLL happen gradually)read below

Be afraid, very afraid. My intentions are very bad, really bad.
Wanna know more? My Intentions are followed by my visions for
that u'll have to read below.

I believe in "doing" not in "talking". People only say that our
country is going to the dogs but does anyone bother to do a
little bit, no but they will still spit on the road, continuing
their same old ways. People will litter on the road, in the trains...
coz they think that it is right as long as their houses are clean.
But they do not realize that the rubbish outside can coz various
diseases. One will still try to get in the middle of a queue &
others will fight for it. Are we animals? & then we humans boast
saying that "we are the most rational beings". I believe that I
(one person) may not be able to do such a lot in a major way, but
many people can do little things that accounts to a lot and that
can make way for a better place to live in.
We as the doers can spread the word (can influence others)
to join in the good work.
If you ask me how much I am doing.
The answer is that i am doing just a little bit.
I know after reading all this you will feel that
my first sentence in the vision part is paradoxical.
So if you feel this all is rubbish then logout &
next time don’t complain about ur country.

For all those who consider the above matter rubbish,
please don’t take the trouble of mailing me at


aarushi said...

nice ..

armeen said...

i like your vision, it should be the vision of each and every indian. we are running the danger of becoming a nation of cribbers. lets be a nation of doers and actually make a difference, in whatever small way.

Myah said...

I think the same way about people who dirty our country & crib about it. I am a very proud Indian & I love my country.

It hurts when you correct people & it doesnt make any difference in their behaviour.

I hope you guys start something with relation to cleaning the city count me in then.