Friday, December 29, 2006

Nityesh Dharampal

About Nityesh:

Presently working with a Design Firm
In Mumbai  
I have Done Away With Dobai
Still Doing  most of the Time
Undo is one of my favorite Options 
Cos its always gets u to do more and improvise
(do is an unregistered trademark of The Doers feel free to copy )

His role as a Doer:

is an important Word cos it gives u a gist of all That has ever been said and done
Including watever Neil has to say about his mission and role and intentions

Inshort i'm responsible most of the BLAH U find on this page and
the Other pages.So all ur comments and rotten eggs and tomatoes (which r soon to become my daily diet) are welcome.

However i dunno why but i wanna stand by Neil and help him in his cause .Maybe Its Because I need to protect him from Black Sheep  who way lead him into beleiving  that Neil is their twin  Separated at birth 

His intentions for the Group:

Once we have many Doers
I'll be the One painting smiles on each face I promise .

His Vision / Dream:

To help expand as a TEAM, ( Trust Everyone Above all Me)
DO things together for personal and well.... umm...... ya....... i causes.
To make a change gradually.( trust me that'll be the day when i can get Neil to restore his Hair)
Dreaming is My part of the Job.
Thus help Inspire to do.
To make it Known that do is an unregistered trademark of The Doers.
(By now u know)

You could contact him on:

Get Back to Doing ?


Sush said... ws nice reading..abt u..!! keep rocking dude..adio..

El said...

dude..nice site..n cool 2 hav found u here..but...plz plz...change tht snap...scared me 4 a moment ther!

kishore said...

Lets network with good people & good NGO's to improve quality of life & corruption free society

Kishore Jagtiani

bettermumbai said...

lets improve things, & make life worth living

Kishore Jagtiani

Anonymous said...

Hey Nityesh....i really like ure creativity and the site rocks..keep up the neat work u doin!!!..Ramona