Friday, December 29, 2006

Neil Dantas

About Neil:
QUIT my Job due to a loTTa reasons every young designers faces.
Was working for Rubberband, a stationery Brand since it initiated in 2005,
where i designed & developed notebOOks & other smart products for them:
Graduated from JJs Bombay
(Interior Design)
Post Graduated from NID Ahmedabad
(Industrial Design - furniture design)

His role as a Doer:
To search for creative talent all over India.
Who believe that they want to “DO” more with their creativity.
To showcase works via the net and other means.
Thus interacting with people
who share the similar interests,
Who could interact, cooperate,
suggest, promote, sponsor
Or be a part of the group.

His intentions for the Group:
Once we have many doers we could collaboratively
Work on how we make our goal achievable.

His Vision / Dream:
To expand as a TEAM,
DO things together for personal / social causes.
To make a change (in whatever possible way) gradually.
Believes in starting somewhere rather than just dreaming.
Thus believing in the funda of DOING.
Thus calling ourselves “The Doers”

You could contact him on:
9833 426 888

Get Back to Doing ?


Kamal said...

hey neil nice site yaar

Johnson Arkay said...

nice blog. n d concept behind... n yeah, thx 4 d calendar, sm1 frm d team gv me while travelling in a local.

shyla said...

hey neil long time!! nice blog!!by the way rubberband!!!who does it belong to???

tara said...

Nice blog, Nice concept. I admire your passion and vision.

Ashwini said...

hey neil,the site iz vry innovative & social aswell........good presence of it up!!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice blog cool liked the way u put up things.......and ya its true tht u have to start from some where atleast than just sitting and dreaming i am sure u will achive ur GOAL

hitesh said...

Phewwwwww !!
Wooooooooooow !!
Mumbai needs you ppl
crazy people with an amazing creativity
no confusion , great combination man
you ppl doing an amazing job ,
liked your pictures and t shirts
one thing am thinking of is
why most of the ppl i mean not most but yeah , most of dem are from Xaviers .
Did it start from Xaviers ??

sonal said...

hey neil and the gang,

hi.i have met you guys at the Girgaon chowpatty coastal clean-up drive. (me from YUVA) Really appreciate your work and more so your approach and attitude in what you believe and do. You need my help, or any contribution (esp. photography wise) let me know...

Suzanne said...

This is a great site, and what's greater is the intent and attitude behind it. Fabulous work! Thanks for this positive burst of energy, Bombay needs it as does our nation.

Anonymous said...

surprised (u left)!! and nice (u doing great):D
~~ me (n)

Apurva said...

Nice work Neil :)
didnt mean to upset u. angry with the moral policing thats going on and found an opportunity to vent.
Really pleased you found time to appreciate the work on the diary. I wish you the best with yr creative puruits.

Anonymous said...

hey neil this is abhishek here . intrestd in buying some t-shirts..saying I LOVE MUMBAI...I want u 2pt a heart in place of love..
My id-
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Anonymous said...

i neil??
rmembr me!!
itz me Gaurav!
i want a t-shirt of "BAN-AIDS"
of XL or XXL size..
plz reply on
BYE-BYE dude?

Anonymous said...

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

M said...

I think you might be interested in this as i've been bumping into some people who carry bags designed by you.

Gagan Bindra & Divya Bhandari said...

cn i get dt taxi(mumbai) t shirt..

kanchan d said...

:) all the best

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