Friday, January 05, 2007

Namrata Patel

Namrata, a designer by profession and a dreamer by birth.
I have spent some past years exploring the textile medium
which fascinates me and triggers my dreams.
This is one transition phase in my life :
moving out of India, shifting base to a far off land called Portland.
My web base remains the same,
which is:
feel free to bounce your ideas.

After years of blabbering, finally came the doers.
Though I am still at the non-doer, non-blabber stage, my dreamer stage,
I love to be associated with the doers.
The art of combining dreams with doing makes life a celebration.
I am unsure as to which world of achievement the doers would reach,
but I am sure, it would make life a celebration
for all of us to cherish after death.

Get Back to Doing ?


Mandeep said...

i like ur smile....its too beautiful...

Kappa said...


i cant belive even you have a blog

by the way
there is a whole "About Me" section where you can write about yourself.

Basically write more!!

and yes! please visit my blog

No one ever reads it!

Anonymous said...

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